Have you lost your Facebook password? If you’re struggling to access your Facebook account, then you need FB Shredder. This tool helps you to hack a Facebook account, even if you can’t remember your password.

FB Shredder – Facebook Hacking Software

The app is available for both desktops and mobile devices. There are Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android versions available for download, allowing you to set up FB Shredder on any device or workstation.

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How Does the Program Work?

Every day, hundreds of people lose or forget their Facebook password – it’s a more common occurrence than you might think. FB Shredder helps you hack into your Facebook account, recovering your access in minutes.

It uses a powerful Brute Force hacking program to find your password and give you access to your account.

The Brute Force method involves FB Shredder running through a list of potential passwords to your account. The software runs through this password list in a few minutes and keeps attempting logins until it successfully cracks the password to your account.

Why Old Tech Hacking Tools Doesn’t Work

However, the traditional form of Brute Force hacking software is decades old. Therefore, most of these programs can’t crack a Facebook account.

Facebook’s security protocol only allows three failed login attempts from one IP address. After it detects three failed attempts from a single IP, Facebook locks your account.

How Does FB Shredder Get Around Facebook Security?

Therefore, traditional brute force software can’t get around the IP trace. However, with FB Shredder, you get the benefit of the software changing your IP address after a request.

When we designed the tool, we also built a sever with connections to thousands of proxies all around the globe. We connect these proxies to the FB Shredder tool using and API system.

Using this design, FB Shredder can request numerous login attempts automatically, while escaping detection by the Facebook security team. The API refreshes the IP address with every third login attempt, keeping your activity under the radar of the Facebook security team.

There’s no involvement from the user side as the application runs. All you need to do is enter the target account, complete the setup, and leave the program to work. In most cases, it takes a few minutes to access an account, but it might be a bit longer if the account has a complex password.

With FB Shredder, you get a powerful hacking tool that gets you back into your Facebook account in minutes!

Terms and Conditions of Use

It’s important to note that Facebook frowns upon any method of retrieving passwords outside of its standard password recovery protocol. Therefore, using FB Shredder is an illegal activity in the eyes of the Facebook security team.

FB Shredder is developed as a general hacking tool, and you should only use it when trying to access your account. If you’re attempting to hack other people’s accounts, then you’ll held all risks and responsibility on yourself, and we (developers of the software) fend off any liability for these actions.

Ensure that you download the app for ethical use only.