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Download the correct version of FB Shredder to suit your device, desktop, ort laptop, and then install the software on your device in seconds!

Moments from now, you’ll have access to your Facebook account.

Terms and Conditions of Use

When you download FB Shredder, you agree to our terms of use for the software.

Our download policy specifically protects the development team at FB Shredder from repercussions related to illegal activities you undertake when using FB Shredder.

By downloading the latest version of FB Shredder, you agree to the following terms and conditions of use.

  • You may only use FB Shredder to attempt to crack the password on your account.
  • Under no circumstances may you use FB Shredder to try and gain access to another account other than yours.
  • You may use the software to access your child’s accounts to protect them from any threats or harm.
  • You may not use this tool for anything other than its intended purpose. You may not use the tool to spread spam on Facebook or abuse the profile of any other individual other than yourself.
  • You may not use the tool to gain access to abandoned accounts to send malware or spam to other users of the Facebook platform.

Troubleshooting Issues

Here are a few of the common issues users encounter when installing and using FB Shredder.

Microsoft Windows – Those users that are running older versions of Windows, like XP and older versions may experience an error message if they aren’t already using Microsoft’s .NET Framework. Users can resolve this issue by downloading and installing the Microsoft NET Framework.

Download FB Shredder App

Note: Users must know that the previous version (V1) of FB Shredder is closed and will not operate correctly anymore.
Please download the latest version below.

OS Operating System Supported for FB Shredder App:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android (APK)
  • iOS (iPhone / iPad – Jailbreak is not necessary to run the program on iOS devices)

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